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Ditch the Hustle, Find your Flow



Ever wonder why the typical career and business advice just doesn't resonate?

If your an Evaluator like me (click here for a full description), you cycle through phases, brimming with ideas one moment, craving solitude the next. It's a strength. But it leaves you feeling out of sync.

Brian Mason, the Reflective Barometer, understands the weight, frustration, and disappointment of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first.

Brian offers personalized workplace climate assessments and transition consulting services exclusively for Evaluators, empowering them to navigate workplace changes and discover their unique rhythms.

His mission is to provide Evaluators, and their Career Type colleagues, with the skills, knowledge, and resources to make more money, be better at their jobs, and lessen the pressures at the office.

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The Climate Transition Consultant for Evaluators, Forecasting and Optimizing Ideal Workplace Weather Patterns

Brian Mason, an Evaluator Career Type expert, excels in assessing workplace environments and creating positive, productive places to work.

Through personalized guidance, you'll let go of hustle culture and unlock your innate ability to achieve profound fulfillment by aligning with your natural rhythms.

He has a knack for pulling diverse groups together, building trust, and promoting stability. With his attention to detail and ability to influence networks, Brian brings reliability to the forefront.

Brian is an ACC certified professional coach, Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and student of the BG5® Career and Business System, with a passion for supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals and overcoming their challenges. Additionally, his talent lies in creative implementation, allowing him to turn vision into reality.

In addition to his focus on workplace culture and environments, Brian currently co-chairs the MKE Chapter of The Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization that educates and advocates for climate action.


2022 - 2024

BG5 Career & Business Consultant Certification Training Program

- BG5 Business Institute

The BG5® Design System is the career and business methodology of The Science of Differentiation. The Science of Differentiation and the methodology behind The BG5® Success Code is complex, and includes components of ancient wisdom systems, quantum physics, and “genetic continuity.”


Change Management Certification Program

- Prosci

The Prosci program introduces Prosci’s methodology and ADKAR Model, a framework for managing the people side of change. 


Associate Certified Coach

- International Coach Federation

ICF-credentialed coaches are professionals who have met stringent education and experience requirements, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession.

Individual Services


Cyclical Mastery:
Strategic Decision-Making for Career Seasons Workshops

Unlock your strategic decision-making power by syncing with natural cycles and seasons.


This online course equips you with techniques for aligning your routines, workflows, and big choices with the shifting energies of business cycles and career seasons.


Identify auspicious windows to initiate projects, navigate transitions with ease, and amplify your productivity by honoring your body's internal rhythms. Master a holistic approach to professional decision-making for elevated focus and growth.


Career Clarity Quests:
The Journey to Meaningful Work

Feeling stuck in an unsatisfying job or workplace? Don't settle for a career that doesn't ignite your soul.


Unlock your true potential through the BG5 Business Institute's transformative Career Design system - a rare opportunity to align your profession with your unique strengths, decision-making strategies, and innate talents.


These offerings equip you with a personalized roadmap to craft the fulfilling career path you were born to pursue.

Group Therapy

Resonance Retreat:
An Evaluator Immersion for Career Mastery

Unlock profound career clarity at the Resonance Retreat - an intimate 3-day immersion attuning you to the cosmic frequencies of your Evaluator archetype.

Through daily qi gong, embodiment practices, lunar-aligned workshops, and community bonding, you'll unleash your entrepreneurial genius by harmonizing work with your soul's purpose.


This all-inclusive sanctuary experience, with post-retreat coaching, catalyzes your metamorphosis into a sovereign Evaluator leader.

Short Report - Order Now_edited.jpg

The free Career Design Short Report is a great personalized introduction to your Career Design and the BG5 System.

This brief overview introduces you to your Career Type, Personal Interaction, Decision-Making Strategy, Key Indicators, and Assimilation and starts you on your path to your hidden potential.

Business Services


Friction-Free Leadership: 
Engaging the Evaluator Advantage

Elevate your leadership capabilities through this insightful analysis.


Gain profound insights into your distinct leadership style, mastering intuitive decision-making and strategic timing to deftly navigate complexities.

Nurture a thriving team dynamic that encourages creativity and reflection.


Discover how to harmonize work-life integration by aligning with natural rhythms, making empowered choices guided by motivation and influence.

Online Shop Business Partners

Frictionless Alliances: Decoding Partner Success Dynamics

Maximize your business partnership's performance and profits through this insightful analysis.


Decode the unique success codes of each partner to minimize resistances and foster an environment of synergistic collaboration.


Master empathetic communication techniques as an Evaluator to inspire trust, reduce friction between diverse strengths, and channel your combined talents into a unified, revenue-generating force.


Innovative Ensembles:
Mastering Team Dynamics

Amplify your team's performance and profits through this transformative analysis.


Decode each member's unique strengths to minimize resistance and foster an environment of synergistic collaboration.


You'll master techniques for empathetic communication that inspire trust, reducing friction while channeling diverse talents into a cohesive, revenue-generating force.

Business Meeting at Small Table

Environmental Attunement:
Slowing down, to Speed Up

This offering provides a 360-degree energetic attunement - optimizing your physical workspace, team dynamics, and strategic decision-making in synergy with environmental forces.

We'll conduct an in-depth scan to identify the ideal workspace design and rituals that amplify your creativity and productivity.

Long-term consulting guides you in navigating changing market "seasons," keeping you grounded and profitable even amidst industry storms.

The result is a business ecosystem primed for maximum innovation and revenue generation, allowing you to outpace the competition.

Change is inevitable, but how we manage it determines our success.
In today's dynamic business landscape, adopting sustainable practices and preparing for future transitions are vital.


Pam Magwaza

"He not only allowed me to express my feelings (vent!) for a solid 20 minutes without interruption, but he also reassured me that not all was lost. He listened intently, asked thought-provoking questions, and most importantly, gave me great advice on how to be more intentional about my job search."

David Laube

"Brian is a man of unequaled integrity and commitment. While working in my firm he was a capable, competent and dedicated associate who could always be counted on to deliver. He is a consumate team player and uses his skills and knowledge well."

Sharon Imhoff

"Brian has extreme attention to detail and a sound ability to analyze and problem-solve, both from a micro- and macro- standpoint. In addition, his courteous demeanor makes working with him a pleasant and productive experience."

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